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Since 28 December 2018 CKA is a member of the PLAN4ALL association.
Plan4all is a non-profit association that promotes the use of open data for planning in:

• spatial planning
• transport
• smart mobility
• smart cities
• open data
• spatial data standards
• IT custom development
• geodata hub development
• data management, harmonisation, processing & visualisation
• geographic information systems
• traffic engineering
• traffic modelling
• sensor data
• environmental planning
• business development & modelling
• user testing
• marketing
• communications & social media.

It conducts research, development and transfer to practice on the use of open data-sets. Its work includes the aggregation of large open datasets related for planning and decision support in different specialisms including spatial planning, transport, urban planning, environment, tourism and precision/autonomous farming. Its goal is to make sure that open data are easily accessible for reuse, data are maintained, and their quality is improved.

PLAN4ALL is a member of the GODAN (Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition) initiative.
PLAN4ALL is a partner in the EO4AGRI consortium.

CKA has been working with PLAN4ALL in the context of the EO4AGRI project to capture user-requirements for next generation COPERNICUS services of relevance for the ongoing reform of the EU CAP (Common Agricultural Policy). In particular CKA helped the EO4AGRI consortium develop a Foresight based process for engaging with communities concerned by the application of earth observation data to:

• Agricultural production systems
• Agricultural production systems
• The CAP payment system (national payment agencies)
• Global food security

The overall process can be visualized as follows

The overall vision for application of future COPERNICUS services to EU agricultural production systems, can be summarized as follows.

To call for a consultation or learn more send us a short email via the contact page.


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