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CKA is a Brussels based management consulting company focused on strategy, innovation and organizational transformation. It offers a range of services to support its clients at all stages of the innovation strategy-implementation cycle.

CKA helps organisations ‘discover the future’ using a structured Foresight approach. This provides a clear vision of the future as well as a sense of purpose that enables decision making at all levels within the organization. It helps the organization understand:The forces driving change to its own competitive positioning

• The trends and trend-breaks that will change the operating context
• The challenges and opportunities it may need to address
• The businesses it wants to be in, in ten years time
• The innovations and changes required to reach these goals

CKA helps clients ‘make innovation happen’ by helping them understand and improve their innovation capabilities. It helps the organization understand where innovation is happening right now, across all business functions, so as to improve its own innovation capability. This is based on an approach called 3A-Innovation that analyses the firm as a system with capabilities for the management of innovation in a way that is

• SYSTEMATIC in the sense of having well defined processes and measures to support continuous learning and improvement …
• OPEN in the sense of value-chain collaboration on innovation and the two-way trading of IP …
• COMPLETE in the sense of innovating in all aspects of the business from marketing, to finance, to product and service development, customer experience or productivity of research investments …

This 3A-Innovation model helps client ask questions:

• What kind of innovation is needed to realize the company’s ambitions and goals?
• Where is innovation happening within the organization right now?
• How is it being managed and organized?
• What is the scope for improvement?
• What are the priorities?
• Where should it be happening right now?
• How should all of this be organized?
• What decisions need to be taken?
• What needs to change?

Finally CKA helps organizations manage innovation-related change. It addresses two main issues using a systems-thinking approach:

• Support for decision-making based on appropriate processes and technologies
• The development of appropriate forms of leadership, culture and structure

To call for a consultation or learn more send us a short email via the contact page.


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